Saturday, March 10, 2018

Almost a year in Perlis

Oh no! I thought I would be able to update regularly my blog but it seems that it is quite hard to keep up.

Sometimes it is not really about time I think. Giving an excuse that I do not have time to update is quite questionable. I think I always have some free time but I think most of the time I prefer to do other things that can take away my mind from thinking too much. Something like watching TV series on the internet, doing jigsaw puzzles or going out with friends for fun; at least for that time.

Now it is almost a year since I started to work in Perlis Education Department. I think my skills and knowledge of procurement and asset management are getting better. I feel confident in making decisions and managing the work load. Even to represent the state of Perlis for a meeting in Putrajaya seems to be easier and less nerve racking.

Every now and then I feel the pressure and stress of being in the unit, the work load is quite challenging. Especially when there are only 8 of us managing the procurement and asset management for all the schools in Perlis. I try to be as strong as I can in motivating myuself. I am very lucky to be surrounded with energetic and motivated staff. I am not sure how I would work here if they were difficult. Thank you so much!
Anyway, the difference to be back working in the government sector is still there. I feel lucky that I am able to have had the experience of working both in private sector and public sector. Maybe at some other time I will talk deeply about this but to be honest, I am glad to be back in this sector and to serve the country as best as I can (haha...sounds quite cliched).

PS: jom makan!

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