Friday, October 28, 2011

sharing the joy!

Today I went to school after a while been away and luckily I did not forget the location yet :P haha... As per usual, at about 7 in the morning, I started my journey to school while singing to my favourite song (cannot tell the favourite song :P too personal...haha)

When I arrived, I parked my car in front of the hostel building and then the bell rang! Quite perfectly in time :P the pupils started to gather at the assembly court. Some group of pupils looked at me like I'm a stranger... What, you guys already forgot your teacher? :P Some of them keep looking at the notice board and then looked at me, looked at the board and then looked at me. That made me wonder what they were looking at. Oh, there was a frame with my pictures and a news paper cutting hanging in a frame! Wow! What a surprise! :D

I brought the trophy and the the certificate to the school to share it with my pupils and the other teachers. :) I put the traphy and certificate in one room and then started to bring the kids there. It was fun to share the happiness together with everybody.

I think by sharing this success with them, I hope that I can encourage them to be much more motivated. I want them to know that it is better to try than just sit down doing nothing. Try, try and try!

Before the kids enter the room, I asked them to close their eyes. I told them that I'm going to do a magic trick. I hold the trophy and then I count for 3 and then I switch on the light. The kids were happy. hahaha... This magic trick just work to the level one :P hahaha.... Too easy to figure out for level 2. So bad me!

Before the school sesion end for today, we manage to take a group photo. Thank you everybody for celebrating the success! Let be grateful and wish for the best for everyone!

p/s: I want a lazy Saturday!


  1. tahniah yerr....seronok tengok senyuman di wajah 2 itu...:)

  2. assalamualaikum
    wajah anak2 yang suci,kan
    gembira sahja wajah mereka
    selamat meneruskan perjuangan ke peringkat antarabangasa pula, cikgu

  3. Salam.
    Semoga diberkati Allah swt. Tahniah yea kejayaan yang membawa seribu pengertian. Semoga maju jaya terusssss.

  4. semoga terus cemerlang

  5. tahniah ya apis... syok plak tgk trophy tu.. :D

  6. Congratulation bro! :-)

  7. sokongan padu dari warga sekolah ... tahniah ... kejayaan dikongsi bersama ....

  8. salam perkenalan dari blog Ben!

    moga terus maju jaya..

  9. wahh.. just wonder if i am a teacher.. it will be nice.. anyway, congrats bro.. smile always, keep your hard work and make malaysian proud.


Superb! ;)