Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog + Book = Blook

Ok, while having this sweet Nescafe in Food court in KL Central, I think I better write down a few things about the book of Life through my eyes. I think some people may get confuse about it. So here is just a short explanation about it.

Life through my eyes: A teacher's little steps towards perfection is an edited version of blog Life through my eyes: I'm not a perfect person, but I move towards it (

So, this book (or u can say a blook maybe) is not just focusing on mathematics activities only but it is about a development of a new teacher in a new school start his journey in education field in a rural area.

The book is a story of one year starting from January to December and you can see so many types of writing in the book. Sometimes there will be about motivation, sometimes just a life experience, sometimes there will be reflection of teaching and learning mathematics, sometimes poems, and many others :)

I'm sorry to just talk about my book too much...haha...I guess it just the passion. You can find the book in MPH book stores. This book is published by MPH and UCSI Publishing House. I think if you read this, you better go grab one :P haha (promoting the book myself)

I'm a teacher, I'm a blogger and now I'm a book writer!

p/s: You never know unless you try! ;)


  1. Congratulation sir!.. ^^,
    I hope can buy this book soon.. Always dreaming to be a book writer.

    *err... tak reti sangat berbahasa Inggeris. Main taip ikut suka je.. huhuhu.. rasa nak rujuk blog ni.. untuk penguasaan bahasa inggeris saya lah. Bolehkan cikgu? Hehehe.. ^^,

  2. congrats cikgu apis!!!best dpt m'baca kat sini senang fhm dgn p'gunaan bhs inggris yg sgt simple.( bg org yg mcm sya,, yg x brape reti,,hehe)..dan sya dh jdi follower yg 313 ckgu apis..=D

  3. Tahniah cikgu..
    sy jge xbpe nk pndai inglish..=(
    hope dpt mantap kn inglish sy dgn rujuk blog nie..=)

  4. salam.bestnye..jadi writer dan hasilkan buku sendiri.keep up the good work.mudah-mudahan saya boleh hasilkan buku sendiri jugak..hu2..-D

  5. gud luck in whatever you do apis..

  6. congrats, u are now a book writer :)

  7. Tahniah cikgu.... harap2 blog lakibini jadi terkenal srupa dgn blog cikgu.

    Promosi sikit kat sini ---->

  8. tahniah la guru muda...kami bangga orang kedah cipta nama dan bangga kan rakyat kedah

  9. teringin jugak nak jadi bookwriter macam apis..
    tapi tulah, mcm apis tulis tu.. you never know unless you try..

    insyaALLAH one day... :D


Superb! ;)