Monday, December 24, 2012

the snow

Oh no! I forgot to update my blog! Sorry that it has been a while...I guess I am a bit busy at the moment. Not exactly busy but it turns to look busy when you proscrastinate the work that you should have done ages ago. So do not try this at home k! No procrastination! Procrastination is a bit lame! lol

A few days ago, there are a few interesting things that I have done. Quite fun! Experiencing new things and new places. I traveled to Amsterdam via ferry from Newcastle! I had a good time there learning and observing, then I traveled to London and also traveled to Wales again! ;) I will spend my Christmas holidays here for sure!

A few weeks ago, on Wednesday (because I remember it was on my research class day but I forgot the exact date), while I was walking very fast, I had only 10 minutes to walk before the class start. Suddenly I saw some white things started to fall from the sky. I did not understand for a while and I stopped walking and started to look around me! what is this beautiful, soft, light white thing? Then when I started to make sense of it, I realised it was snow!!! woohoo!!!

Before this, the snow fell in the night time so it was not so clear to me. But having the experience of walking in day light in snow made me feel overwhelmed. It felt so different that it made you want to smile even though you were not sure why! ahaha... ( I hope I did not look like a crazy guy at that time)

It was great and let's see what happens when it starts to snow like crazy later! ahaha...cheers!

p/s: Trying to make sense of things that don't make sense. Does that make sense?


  1. seronoknya!! Boleh try buat air batu campur dari salji *wink*

  2. you tak reply my email. sad me :(

    1. sorry, I'm not sure which email u were talking about. I will check my inbox as soon as possible and reply to u k...sorry :)

  3. how beautiful you got the opportunity to feel the snow falling over yr head ... may yr stay there bring much happiness and will pray for yr success ...

  4. tu..skrg dah krismes..ada santa x dtg kt umh??

  5. Wow, jealousnya dapat main salji... huhu

    -> ❤

  6. cantiknya salji..bungkus sikit hantar kuantan.. ;)

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