Thursday, November 29, 2012

story telling eh?

It's a nice sunny morning from my window. I know something about the weather here. Even though the sun is so bright, giving the best that it can, but I can never trust it. It will still be cold... See, I'm starting my writing with the topic of weather again.

While I was reading some journals (trying to sound like a good student here), suddenly I felt like writing a bit about story telling. Yeah, I never really put it on my blog before so I will do it today. As I remember from teaching my year 1 kids, every Tuesday was Story Telling day!

Yeah, even though I am a mathematics teacher, I found it very interesting and fun to do. I think it just in their nature for small kids to listen to a story. Especially when the story involves characters that they like such as animals or a princess as well as the way you carry out the story telling session.

I really liked to see the faces and expressions that they showed to me everytime I conducted a story telling session. You know that sometimes when you have the intonations in telling the stories, you will grab your kids' attention and they will wait for every word that comes out from your mouth! feels so good ;)

Just grab any story books in school and read for them. Then try to put in some elements that you teach, as per usual. Mine is Mathematics... You do not have to finish the story. 10 minutes is enough and can be continued in the next lesson! It's fun! :)

p/s: waiting for the snow to come but too lazy to go outside to feel the cold!

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