Saturday, January 05, 2013


Happy New Year!!! 2013 just came to our life!!!

I have decided not to have any new year's resolution this year. I think I better just focus on anything that come across in my life at the moment. Set a target anytime I want and not just waiting for the new year to do it. From my last experience, I never really remember what I say I want to achieve. Usually, a few weeks after I say I want to do something that particular year, I forgot!...ahaha

So, this year let's see what happens and carpe diem! seize the moment and change what ever I think I should change! No more resolutions!!! Yeah!!!

After a few months of changing my routine from teaching to studying, from a teacher to a student, I found it still difficult to make myself focus on my life as a student. I was fine in the beginning but then after a while I found I lost track. I love going to the class and learning, discovering and meeting people but I found it is very hard for me to do self study! everything around me seems to distract me from reading or writing! Egh...such a terrible student!

Meanwhile, I have found that my I practise using my English language a lot. This makes me feel very comfortable to use it now. But one thing that I realised is that it's very difficult to change my usual ways of using English. So, if I make a mistake, I will keep doing it constantly! I hate that fact!

What to do? I believe that the first step of anything is about realising it and admitting it! So, I admit that at the moment I have these challenges...and I need to figure out a solution as soon as possible!

p/s: sending some postcards to Malayia :) ^^fake smile up there^^

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  1. Happy New Year, Cikgu Apis ;)

    p/s:nk jugak postcard. haha. ;p


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