Sunday, January 06, 2013

missing teaching

Even though we know it is wrong, we sometimes tend to repeat the same mistakes. Why?

Today is a very nice sunny day in Cardiff. I just keep sitting here in front of a big window, looking at a beautiful scenery. I can see birds flying here and there, chirping to each other. What a wonderful's a good time to work on the assignment.

The good thing about being on my own is that I will reflect a lot on what I have done in my life. Sometimes all the events that I have been through start to flashback and stop me from focusing on my work. The flashback comes to me very brain tends to change topic really quickly! So, sometimes when I am busy doing work, I am also busy looking back or predecting the future! ahaha...

I think I miss teaching...I love to teach but I wish school was easier and less stressful. Teaching and teachers nowadays do not really convey similar meaning. You can always teach anytime but people will not consider you  as a teacher unless you teach in a school. I think the meaning of teaching is bigger than that. Loving to teach requires you to have passion, excitement and enjoyment! It is more than just planning on paper or waiting for people to observe you and find what is correct and what is not.

p/s: cooking Malay food inside a Welsh kitchen! :D

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