Sunday, October 30, 2011

the power of doing :D

If you think that you want to do something, and it is good but maybe something out from your usual, I think you don't need to waste your time to think. I say: GO! DO IT! NOW!

If you start to think about what other people want to say to you, it will never end. People will always find something to comment about anything. When you start to listen to all of this, you will start to have doubt in your mind and maybe you will change your mind and will not doing it anymore!

I believe in doing! When you do it, that means you have the output while if you just keep it in your mind, nobody will ever care! I do have the same problem actually. I think it is our normal mind to always think what people want to say about things that we do. But, my believe in doing is much much powerful that can ignore the negative mind! If I keep thinking about my English ability, I will never write it in English.... :P (I am trying so hard to make it better, but I choose to do it first). Can you imagine, If I just start write in english tomorrow, will I have this much entries in English?

As long as you believe in doing, you want to it, you really really want to do it... go do it! Just do it!

p/s: the picture is the book that I gave to the Prime Minister. I will tell a story behind it soon :D


  1. Assalamualaikum... tahniah dan terima kasih kerana usaha anda yang cemerlang. teruskan lagi...

  2. Excellent! The power of positive thinking!

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  4. I just discovered the existence of your blog after I read The Star..hehe..anyway,congrats cikgu.. :)


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