Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Bye Perlis, Hello Putrajaya!

Yesterday was my last day in Perlis. It was a sad day saying goodbye. Time felt frozen and the day felt longer than usual. My staff planned a goodbye ceremony. It was hard for me to say good bye to be honest.

 Even though I was there for only a year, it felt like forever. The connection that we built was so strong that I felt like a family. We shared not only work related information but every now and then shared about our personal lives.

I do not know what will be coming up into my life; but I definitely know that the hole they left will be hard for me to fill. Thank you so much for being awesome, understanding and working together.

I think my first year as a PTD was a very significant learning experience. I learnt a lot about leadership and management but most importantly I learnt a lot about myself; about what makes me happy and what makes me stressed; what makes me laugh and what makes me cry; what makes me dance and what makes me scream!

Yesterday was also the last day I am able to travle back home to Alor Setar in one hour. After a few years working in  Perak and KL before, I was posted one hour away from my hometown. It was a great time for me to be able to go home more than I could before. Now, once again, I will be far from home. Definitely something sad but I believe sometimes sacrifice is needed.

Nevertheless, tomorrow will come and a new day will start again - new and fresh. Hopefully my steps are bright and shining.

PS: searching for a new tie as a new start 😀

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