Saturday, April 21, 2012

You know what? It's not gonna stop me! Woohooo!!!

Not everybody will like what you do even it is a good thing. So, be prepared! There will be somebody that will try to knocked you down and their eyes are burned when they see you successful. They will do whatever it takes to see you fall down, failed and stop doing your thing!

Actually, they were wrong. They thought that when they do all kind of bad stuff and be mean to you they will make you give up! It's not like that. The more they try to stop you, the more stronger you will be. You will try to discover much more talent or creativity or whatever it is that you need in you! Yeah...believe me. They maybe successful to make you cry, sad and upset but all those feelings never last. When the time come, you will rise like the phoenix from the ashes and fly high to the sky!!! Yeah!!! 
I tried to be positive towards this issue. But I don't deny that it's really hurtful. Sometimes when I think with my normal, intelligent reflective mind (wahahaa) I can't believed that people really can be so mean and bad in real life. I thought it just in the movie or drama but actually it's not. The mean peoples in those drama are real in real life!!! booo!!! :D But whatever, at least those things give me an idea to write this THANK YOU!

So, what to do...never give up...organize your feelings so that you not miserable all the time to all the people around you...yeah you can!!!

p/s: believe me you can even you thing u can't! (Do I sound positive enough? haha)


  1. ah ha.. biasalah cikgu Apis. ada org yang takle tgk org lebih drpd dia. normal kot. dan membenarkan salahnya dengan seribu satu alasan yang taklogik.

    stay strong! :))

    p/s: i love this phrase: u can even u thing u can't.

  2. Yup...thanks nizam sebab selalu singgah kat blog ni :) really appreciate it...

  3. hi, happy to join your blog :).

  4. GAN T HOCKApril 25, 2012

    Hafiz ... love your semangat and strong will! Be strong and be blessed!

  5. Hafiz, yes ! keep on being positive.... :)Keep on working to achieve your goals, and just ignore these people. All the Best to you!


Superb! ;)