Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the next steps...

Dear friends, colleagues, supporters, followers, readers,

I am Muhamad Hafiz Bin Ismail, a primary school mathematics teacher, posted to Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Kenang, a remote school in Perak, Malaysia, in the Temiar people's community.

To deal with the challenges of teaching the aboriginal people in the school I decided to blog my experiences. I not only shared the daily experiences but I also shared some of the active learning activities that I developed to meet the pupils' needs.

To my surprise, as my writing and photographs were initially a series of personal reflections, the blog was discovered and loved by many people. To my delight, the blog was turned into a beautiful and powerful book by MPH and UCSIPH. Then, I received many invitations to address seminars and conferences locally and internationally. Moreover, the blog won a big ICT award - the Prime Minister's Best of the Best APICTA Award 2011 - as well as winning the award in the e-learning category.

My story has inspired many people and I hope it will also inspire you too. As a simple teacher in a rural area, I never dreamt that using the internet for good could lead to so much success for my pupils, my school and for me. The successes we have enjoyed have transformed our lives and opened doors to many opportunities. My pupils are the stars of the blog and they love to see how their daily learning and life in school is so popular with audiences across the world. It motivates them to learn every day and motivates me to become a better teacher for my pupils.

So, if you feel that Life through my eyes inspires you, if you understand that Life through my eyes is impacting on the teaching profession, on the pupils' education, on the lives of everyone who is touched by the blog, then please vote for Life through my eyes by simply clicking on this link:


1 vote per day per Facebook or Twitter account. Vote as much as you can from 23 April 2012 to 13 May 2012. In addition, share it with your family, friends, students or whoever you are in touch with via the internet.

This is life through my eyes which helps you see life through your eyes and together we will see life through our eyes.

Thank you.



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