Friday, May 04, 2012

decorating mathsandwich! :D

"OK, now that you guys already here, please wash your hands, make sure it's clean. We gonna make sandwich" Mr. Hafiz yell to the year 1 kids.

I hope that's a catchy intro...haha... So, it's Friday and that's means my mathematics class is at the last period. It always difficult to attract pupils at this time as it's the last day for school in a week.  So, today we make sadwich

Very easy to do, I brought with me some bread, jam, peanuts, raisins and jelly for the decoration on the top of the sandwich.

I put the kids in a group of 4 so that they can work together to make the sandwich and to avoid chaos. Looking at the food, the jeklly and peanut, I can see the kids cant wait to stuff all that food in their attract them with counting!

I put it on their table, give the bread and put the jam on it. Then, I gave instruction to the kids to count the peanut and put it on their bread. Then, continue with jelly and the end we count all the things together the get the total. After everybody finish decorating their sandwich, we put it in the oven. And then, what else, EAT!!!

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  1. wow fantastic activity.....well done cik gu...telah banyak saya gunakan contoh2 aktiviti cik gu dalam ceramah saya. Terima kasih atas inspirasi yang diberikan kepada kita semua....tahniah from me dr.zailah

  2. Quite inspiring and creative activity you got there bro! :-)

  3. Very creative, and interesting way to teach kids!!

  4. Terima kasih Dr. Zailah, shafiq Dan Nurul ;) selalu selalulah jenguk ltme ye... ;)

  5. hebat. :-) pernah guna bahan yg sama tp utk ajar karangan dlm bahasa melayu.murid mmg teruja. ^^


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