Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SMILE is the key?

Do you remember your first day at work?

I have found that first day in a new job is always hard and wrecks my nerves. It was always difficult and not easy to go through. The place is different, the people are different, the systems are different; just how to cope with it comfortably? No matter how many times I have started work at a new place, the feeling of nervousness will just come. So many questions come to my mind: What to say to people? How to greet them? Am I welcome there? Am I going to be fine with the job scope? How to behave appropriately there? Whether the questions make any sense or not, they will just appear and add more to the feeling of being nervous.

The only thing I can do is just to go through with it. You can try to prepare as best as you can. You can start to prepare physically like wearing the best shirt that you have. Possibly buy a new one if you can or at least new accessories to boost some confidence. Then you can prepare mentally as well. I think mental preparation is the most important because it controls what you feel and what you do.

Never mind all the questions that come to your mind. Answer them positively in your head and if you cannot answer them, just tell yourself that it will be fine and everything will be okay. If necessary, get support from your friend. Even just to message them or call them talking about other things will give some help.

I think the most important way to start is just to SMILE! That's the only key to work. Smile a lot! Smile anytime that you can. Smile to anyone that you meet. A smile can be the cure for everything at start of your first day/week at work. Smile will welcome people to you. It will attract people to get to know you.

Okay, my motive to write this is not to give any tips but just to calm my self down! HAHA.

PS: The process of waiting is sometimes enjoyable.

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