Thursday, September 13, 2018

Life in a New Place

It has been more than 2 months now since I started to work in Putrajaya and stay in my own apartment. The working environment is totally different in Putrajaya. I am a junior officer here, in charge in a smaller role from a leadership perspective. When in Perlis, I led the unit; this time I am more of a supporter to my immediate boss. Anyway, it is a new experience to explore and understand. Actually, there are opportunities for me to apply what I have learned and experienced in Perlis as well.

Since starting to work in Putrajaya, the opportunity to learn and experience is quite amusing - slow - but a pace that I am enjoying. Las week I had an experience of going to a school in Taiping. The main objective was to revisit the work scope on a maintenance being carried out in a heritage school building. I was quite nervous to go alone to the meeting a I felt like my knowledge and experience in this new job scope is too little. However, a part of me was also excited to check out what out there to be seen and observed as well as it will be interesting to visit a school.

In the meeting, the Deepartment of Works started to explain the detail of the project and what are their plans for maintaining the heritage building in the primary school. In terms of standard operting procedure in applying for budget, I tried to help as much but as for the technical part, I mainly listened and every now and then asked questions when it was hard to grasp.

Then, we went to visit the school. The building looks classic and beautiful but needs a lot of work to maintain. The roof, the floor on the first floor, the cracks in the wall were some of the work that needs to be done soon. This is not just about maintaining the building but mainly to ensure the safety of the children in the school. Again, at this point, I was very intrigued by the view that I am seeing nowadays. If I were still a teacher, I think this would not be so much of my concern - the maintenance of a building.

I guess that is what you need sometimes - a change in the regular things that you do or think. Sometimes, if you stay in one place, you only see what is in front of you. But when you start to make a move, then you realise that there is so much more than what you have experienced before.

PS: Keep on experiencing!

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