Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A few days more

Today is the day for my year 6 to perform UPSR. I hope they will doing well. I hope everyone will do well. They already work hard enough, so they deserve to perform well. InsyaAllah...

I have a few days more in the school. It is my last week in SK Kampung Kenang. I am going to further my study in Newcastle University, UK in MEd. International Development and Education soon enough. It feels so weird to think that I am leaving the school :(

My year 6 kids did not really know about this yet. I know that they hear some rumours about it but I never confirm it with them yet. Let them just focus on the UPSR first... Wish you guys luck as always

p/s: believe in them


  1. hey, good luck Cikgu Apis! berapa tahun dekat sana?

  2. I believe in u pis..haha..selamat sep kito!...gud luck from abe pen & family

    1. Thanks Pen! Lama benar xdengar cerita ;) take care

  3. sedihnya...apis nak meninggalkan kita....


Superb! ;)