Monday, September 10, 2012

Queuing Zone

When you are teaching year 1 class, you will probably get a bit of a problem to control the class. So do I. When I brought my year 1 to the mathematics lab, the problem became bigger. As we sit down on the floor, everytime I gave them exercises, the class become a bit wild especially when they finished their work and wanted me to check their work. They just come running and handing the exercises to me.

I came out with one idea. Another classroom rule for them that we decided together. A place for them to queue and wait for their turn to see everytime they enter that queue zone or we called it as 'tempat temujanji', they will need to follow some rules:

1. If you in the queue zone, you cannot talk!
2. If you in the queue zone, you cannot run!
3. If you in the queue zone, you need to wait until teacher call you to meet him
4. If you enter the queue zone, no going out until you meet the teacher.

So, right after that at least I can handle the kids better thab before :D wahahaha!

p/s: A nice experience in IPG Kampus Pendidikan Islam last Saturday! Thank you for inviting me there :)


  1. gud idea...

  2. Seronok dengar n baca pengalaman cikgu apis.. Panduan menuju alam guru sebenar kelak. Tq.

    A preschoolers teacher to be, IPG-KPI..


Superb! ;)