Thursday, October 04, 2018

take it as an opportunity to learn

A few days ago, in the afternoon, suddenly I was given a chance to present a paper in an important meeting chaired by the Secretary General of education. It was at very last minutes that the officer due to present was not able to do it for some reason. To be honest, I was not really keen to do it as I was not sure about the content of the presentation.

Then after considering that this was a learning opportunity for me, I just decided to accept the task and just do the job. I had only an hour to prepare myself including understanding the context, go through the diagrams and tables, walking to meeting location, asking for some input from the others and understanding the main meeting agenda and attendees.

I was nervous but at the same time quite ready to accept whatever the result will be. i will just go for it and finish the task; do the presentation as best as I can. I was a bit late to the meeting as the information given to me was lat minute. luckily for me and my colleagues that our agenda item was the last one.

Thie reflection is not to be judged that time management is important; yes it is always important. But this reflction is to focus on the surprise task - ad hoc task - that needs you to be ready, try to not complain and just go for it.

I am not always this positive but sometimes when an opportunity appears for me to learn and experience, i will just go for it! Just take the chance and present the paper in this situation. Luckily the presentation went quite okay. i just smile at some questions that i had no answer for and lucky for me, my smile work...hahaha... and remember, NEVER promise anything that you cannot deliver!

Learning happens when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. What did I learn? I learn that sometimes you do not need to be an expert in everything, you just need to know the general knowledge and know them as much as you can. I will give you the confidence!

PS: I hope you understand what I mean here and remember - sometimes 'just go for it' works!

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