Friday, November 06, 2015

assessment of opportunities

This week we discussed the topic of validity and reliability in the Assessment of Education class. Instead of doing an explanation to mys students, I decided to let them try, explore and experience assessment by answering quizzes themselves. I started the class by giving them 2 quizzes of 10 questions on common knowledge. The questions for both quizzes were the same except that the first quiz was about general knowledge from different countries, while the second was about

Malaysia. We talked about both experiences and tried to relate it with validity and reliability.

After that, we played another game. The students this time created questions in groups. Then, each group took turns to ask the questions to the other group. Instead of just sking it in a normal way, I asked the group to write down the questions on paper and hide them around the room. It's like playing treasure hunt but focusing on validity and reliability of the questions. It was fun to do!

The main discussion point that I feel like talking about this week is about the assessment of opportunities that come to you. As much as opportunities might bring you to a bew level of achievement, however, opportunities also open up a vulnerable experience for you. I often forget this. I forget sometimes, when you take a risk and choose to do something different, as much as it will give you the chance to achieve another milestone of your life, it also brings the chance for you to feel disappointed, sad and down! 

I never remember this. I choose to just try and then only later on realise that I put myself on a thin rope hanging up in the sky. It's like you are trying to walk on the rope from one end to another end; you might fall anytime if you are not careful and arrived to a new destination if you are successful. I guss, in order to be safe, you might need to remember to have a parachute on your back or maybe put a spring inside your shoes so that you are ready to bounce back when you fall down...ahaha... Assess the opportunities, get ready to experience the feeling of joy and disappointment...

PS: Jom balik kampung! :D

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