Tuesday, October 27, 2015

the IntervieW story

This week I am doing some preparation for an online interview. An interview is another kind of assessment. So I think this week, I just want to write about the experiences that I have had and also trying to give myself some motivation...haha...

I been to a few interviews before. The most memorable was when I did my interview after I finished my SPM and was trying to get a place in the Teacher Training Institute. It was very clear in my head, the feeling of being nervous and excited. Yes, it was mixed between those two. Nervous to face the interview session and meeting the interviewers; excited because it would be a new experience to explore.

I remember my parents came to pick me up in Penang at that time because I had already started my matriculation study. They came to pick me up on Friday and the interview was to be the next morning. I only prepared myself by talking about it to my mom and dad - my main source. They did not work in education sector but they always know better. They gave me some ideas of questions that might be asked.

The next morning, my brother sent me to the IPG Darul Aman, the place where the interview take place, by motorcycle. I cannot remember why my parents could not send me there at that time because most of the time they will. They always will (another story to tell next time...haha). My brother sent me and then left me there all alone in the IPG.

All alone, I went to the room and found out that I was the first candidate on the list. My level of nervousness just went so high but I also remember that I was early - 30 minutes early I think. Even the interviewers were not there yet. Once they were ready they called me in and I saw two interviewers in front of me and an empty chair in the middle of the room.

Students were doing their presentation creatively
I passed my file filled with formal education documents to them and sat down. I remember introducing myself nervously and sharing some of my experience about being a student before. They asked me a lot about my involvement in co-curriculum in school, particularly about my experience of participating in reciting poems. I think they like it!

It was quite a smooth interview session, so after a few minutes I felt confident to talk to them. It was a nice discussion and a really good experience of an interview for me. Luckily my first interview experience was not a nightmare and the two interviewers were very encouraging.

The only problem that I faced on that day was that I lost my Identification Card (IC)! Yes, right after I finished the session I had no idea where I put my IC. I even went back to the room and asked the interviewers if they took my IC away! I created such a drama after a great session I had just had with them...hahaha... Good for me that they still offered me a place, and did not take my clumsiness as a reason for rejection. I went back to Penang Matriculation College the next day wihout an IC. How was your first time interview experience?

This week I am preparing myself for an online interview for confirmation of a scholarship. I am very nervous and excited again. Wish me luck people!

PS: Thinking of just buying a new shirt and a new tie to wear to the interview session even though it will be an online session...hahaha...overexcited!

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