Friday, July 13, 2012

my year 6 and red pen!

My year six kids just finished taking their UPSR trial examination this week. I tried to give some helps and guidance as much as I can to them. Just hope they have tried their best and think before they answer the questions and avoid careless mistakes.

I think this year, the challenge in teaching year 6 are much bigger than the last year. This year 6 groups are much passive. It is so difficult for us (me and other year 6 teachers) to know them as they do not speak much. Even the high achievers do not really like to respond. They just so quiet and respond sometimes. But, what to do. Still need to try the best to make sure they will pass the examination with flying colors. And I really greatful that all the other year 6 teachers are open for discussions :) That's awesome!

Oh, I asked my kids to buy red pen. I helped to buy  it for them actually. I think it really helpful. I let them marked themselves. i wanted them to see their mistakes from their own eyes. let them be the examiners and experiences the mistakes. I think it really helpful. It also motivate them to answr the questions correctly :)
p/s: let us make sure we drink lots of plain water everyday! :D


  1. oo...nice advice for health..

  2. I should ask my student to by me red pen too..some of them are too lazy to do their homework!..hahaha


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