Saturday, July 14, 2012

add and then flower :D

OK, I still have some time to update my blog while waiting for the train to Ipoh. I'm on travel now. From Perak to KL to get some information about my future planning :D ahaha...

So, since I brought the pictures with me, let me update a bit what happened on the year 1 class yesterday. It was exciting as we were making flowers. Yep! After finished doing the numeracy screening to them, I have some time to plan a simple activity to do.

I draw a large flower on half of A4 paper, photostated them into clourful papers. Then I brought it to the class. I already make one flower actually and showed it to my pupils. I think they were excited to make it too.

So, I told them, if they want to make it they need to answer 5 questions on addition correctly. each questions they need to write it on each petals and then count for the answer! :D  So, because everybody was so keen to have a flower that they can bring back home, you can see all of them count seriously to get the correct answer.

I waited until everyone finished doing the addition. I checked one by one and see if they do it correctly or not before be begin to make the flower. Only smiley Adry comes out with a question: "can I just make a flower and count later?"  NO! Do first and I make the answer later ...wahahah so bad me! :D

So, after they finished, we cut out the flower, then we roll the a4 paper to make the stem and glue them together! Now, everybody do the addition and everybody have their addition flowers! Wahahaha! :D

p/s: so this is my entry no. 300! Wah!!! :D


  1. i have done some activities with my students...but forget to bring my camera. Nextime, i share the picture with u.

  2. yup...that will be great to share! ;)