Wednesday, July 18, 2012

addition/subtraction board!

Most of the time now I will handle my year 1 class in the mathematic lab. different from the computer lab before, the floor doesn't have tiles. So, I cannot use the tiles as before to do some addition and subtraction with my pupils.

Together, we made an addition/subtraction board! Yep, I said together because I let my year 1 pupils help me to prepare the board. I just wanted them to have the "ownership" feeling towards the board. I believe the will appreciate it better.

It's not that difficult, just prepare a board if you have or maybe you can change it to manila card or any relevant. Then, colourful tape to make a line and it just take around 8 to 10 minutes to prepare that. For the board, I was not even used any ruler in order to make the lines on the board useing the tape. Just make it simple.

Then I prepared numbers an labels for ones, tenth and hundredth. Print them out, laminate them and cut it out. The whole process, try to involve the kids. I think it's fine sometimes to let them do it. They will love it especially later they know they will use it in the class.

We do not have time to use it yet but will use it soon! yay! :D

p/s: Looking forward to the picnic at the river near the school tomorrow with all the other teachers and staff! :D yeeehaaa!!!

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