Friday, July 20, 2012

Picnic before Ramadhan :D

2 days ago, on wednesday specifically, my school colleagues and me went for a picnic after the school period. We do not go far from school. Just a 10 minute drive in the village! Yep, that is one of the best thing when your school is situated in a rural area! Lucky for us our school is situated near to a very beautiful and clean river! yay! :D

So, we gather together. Grill some chicken for lunch (of course foods is the main part of picnic!) and just chill. We did not plan any other activities because we really  just wanted to hang out together and forget some school work for a while.
The best paret of the picnic was the swimming! Yeah! It was so much fun...and even the water was so cold, we just go and play with the water! Yay! I think everyone were happy and enjoy the activity so much. So, maybe after the fasting month end, we can plan picnic again eh? :D haha.... by the way, if you come to my school, maybe you should pay a visit to the river too :D

ps: Welcome Ramadhan...let's fast for a month! :D Alhamdulillah


  1. Beshnya picnic,
    Salam ramadhan cikgu apis.
    Jangan lupa bersahur.


  2. Salam Ramadhan jugak ;) insyaAllah sahur Akan bangun serial pagi! Selamat berpuasa! ;)