Sunday, September 04, 2011

throw or not to throw?

It was quite early in the morning, cold and quiet. Only the sound of the engines from some vehicles started to move. I was waiting for my father to pick me up at the bus station. While standing near the 7-Eleven near the bus station, I do walked here and there doing nothing :P (just some thinking maybe) haha

After a few steps, suddenly I feel I should put some water to my throat, so I went grabbed a tin of cold tea. Drink, walk, looking at the watch, waiting and waiting, the tin was empty very quickly. So, as a good citizen that care about the cleanliness of my country, I went to throw the tin into the bin :P haha...and then keep standing there...

Suddnly, I saw a man with a bicycle. He was looking to every corner of the building that I am standing. I don't really care actually until suddenly he came to the building and pick up some tins that people just throw away. I mean the one that not in the bin. I suddenly realized that his bicycle's basket was full with the tin and it came out to me that he collected it for money...

And right after that, my mind cannot stop thinking about what I see. I just feel that maybe I should not throw the tin in the bin and just put it outside and let the man have it... I dont know why I shared this story, but it just keep coming to my mind today. Let's think about it...

p/s: what a nice holidays ;)

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  1. assalamualaikum...may i share your experience....i actually practical teacher