Tuesday, September 06, 2011

it's coming,,,

It is only a few days to go before UPSR. It is quite a challenge and quite stress for me to think about my pupil's performance and I believe they are also feeling the same thing. I was in the class with 6B today. So this is the second class for the year 6 in my school.

As per usual for these few weeks, I will start my class with some talks and advises to my kids (maybe all the time..hahaa...ooopsss hope its not too much) :P I just wanted to remind them to be focus for the days that still left. I want them to use the time fully for preparing themselves before the day come.

But I know it was a bit different today. All of them were so into what I said. I can see from the face, from the eyes and also from the reaction. It is very touched. And I just want my pupils to get as good result as they can but we never knows what will happen.

As I was stop to get some air and think for a few second, suddenly one girl, Baizura, said to me "but what if we fail sir?" and that question struck to my heart.

Oh Baizura, it's not about failing. It's about trying the best. Maybe UPSR is a huge examination for primary school in Malaysia. But it is not the end of the world. And it is not the end of your life or your future. As far as you try your best and give the best for it, then what will happen later is what its going to be. dont care what people will judge you, the most important thing is that you know who you are and you become a good person, a good human being for the community ;)

There will be much more things to happen in life. There will be much more examination in the future and there will be many more ways to be success! many many many more opportunities! Lets's open our heart and see, and discover much more things in this world!!! :D

Good luck to you guys!!!

p/s: still nervous... haha