Friday, August 26, 2011

before balik kampung! let we add first :P

Wah... Hari Raya is coming soon!!! So excited to go home later yet still think I should update the blog before go back to hometown. I think most probably will not really update the blog when I'm in home. So, better say something in case too lazy to check out blog... haha

Oh I think this year everything happened very fast. Believe or not, August is going to end and right after school start, UPSR will waiting for year 6 pupils. I hope they will be prepared and do as well as they can!!! Yeah!!!

Ok, the main point now is to share one more interesting activity that I do with my year 1 for quite sometimes. It's about teaching addition in formal form (add according to the place value). It is a simple activity as before where I used the tiles as the main resources, number cards, place value cards and beads for counting.
First, put down the place value cards on the tiles and then arrange it so that 2 numbers can be up and down. (So bad explanation here...sorry :P). And then put down the number cards in one placeWrite down addition questions 2 digit number add with 1 digit number (for example). And then, ask one kid to find the number cards and arrange it correctly to the place value. Ask another kids to do the same for the second number and arrange it under the first number, still according to the place value.And then, emphasized the kids about the addition must be done with the same place value only. Ones will add with ones and tens will add with tens. The other kid will continue by using beads and arrange it so that they can count it. Lastly, someone will put the answer on the tiles and everybody will read the questions and answer together. I think if you repeat it for several times, pupils will get it. It will be fun to do before you change it to written form in the book later.

PS: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin!!!!! balik kampung Jom!

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