Friday, August 12, 2011

using tiles for subtraction ;)

Ok, this is another sharing of idea. I think it is kind of interesting activity to do with the pupils and easy to organise. You just need counting materials (I used beads) and then tiles! And then start the activity!

It just a simple activity. I asked my pupils to sit on the floor in the computer lab (make sure it's clean before do the activity). I gave them a box of beads each. Then, each pupils will sit in front of a square tiles. Let them choose their own tiles to make them happy...haha... as long as you can still observe them.

After everybody ready, I will say out numbers and then pupils will start to count the beads and put it into the square. The good thing by doing this was that I can observed all of them easily cause they all were sitting on the floor and same as the beads are all on the floor. Moreover, it's also easy for the kids to handle the beads. It will not fall far from them if it happened.

After all pupils count the beads corretly, I asked them to TAKE AWAY a few beads from the beads that they count. Stressed the subtraction terms so that they get it. Some pupils need to listen to the words many times before they really can get what to do.

Then, the pupils will count again the beads that left in the square. We say together what happened before. I mean repeat the numbers of the beads that they put, take away and left in proper mathematical sentences.

So, this activity doesn't need much preparation. I'm too lazy to prepare much things so I just used the materials around the school. Plus, lots of worries with year 6 examination makes me nervous everyday. By the way, for the beads, you can change it by anything that relevant such as erasers, pencils or small stones.

As long as you organize the kids properly, it will be interesting to do the activity ;) It's true... hehe

p/s: try hard to deal with mood...hahaha

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