Friday, July 29, 2011


It was a sad week and lots of thing in my mind this week. Last few days, my beloved grandmother passed away. Still lots of things come to my mind to reflect. So, I just wish this week to go as soon as possible and next week to come as a new start. That is life. People comes and go...

While I was sitting in the small garden in my school, try to sort out some data of my kids, suddenly some teachers came and join me. We had a chat about lofs of stuff and make jokes sometimes. It was nice...

One of the teacher started to talk about the teaching and learning for mathematics. He teaches mathematics to year 2. He said some positive feedback about his kids after he change the style of his teaching. He said that his kids looks very active and wanted to participate in the lesson. It is because now he try to create creative teaching that involve pupils in it. He also valued their works by paste them on the wall. He gave credits to me because he observed what i do with my pupils and how I conducted my class. (so shy to tell this ... hahaha)

Sometimes it really helps to motivate us to hear some positive feedbacks about what we do. It really makes me feel better that day and makes me feel motivated and happy with what I'm doing. Yep, so to all people that read this blog, we need to start give positive feedback to peoples. Not just to the small kids but also to adults. It will make their day! Rather than just try to find negative things and make other people miserable, better to find the positive one to motivate them to be better. Thank you for Cikgu Iswadi because you made my day ;)

p/s: Welcome Ramadhan :)


  1. that sound great..Its mean u did something good not just for your students but for your colleague..

    Happy ramadhan... [moment with PT1644 come through my mind..]


  2. yeah... I miss that time too :) really miss it!

  3. i'm mazwan..studen under bpg..i heard a great story of so impressed

  4. wabihaw lutalizanAugust 17, 2011

    finally, arrival on this blog!pak gebung2..(kompang's sound)just read a few la's nuzul quran holiday..going 4 shopping at penang. hehe...finish all d bonus kan..kan..anyway,just wanna say, U R D BEST in many ways..and i'm the sleeping supporter behind u..hehe..anything u do, always will become bigger. like i always telling u, u urself is d lucky charmed!!