Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Number Trail

So, today I done another interesting activity (I guess...haha) with my year 1 pupils that I called as Number trails. This activity require a space to walk around and need the kids to know numbers from 1 to 100. It's like counting the numbers and remember it and also I think will help them learn to estimate!

We do this activity in the computer lab. This activity is very easy to do. First, you just need some number cards. You do not have to prepare numbers from 1 to 100 but just prepare a few numbers in between. Once you have the cards, you need to put it on the floor at one place and then followed by another numbers a bit far from the number first number that you put and we called all the number as the station.

The activity works by asking the kids to walk from the start to the station. For example, if the 1st station is 9, pupils will walk to the station while counting to number 9 and then stop. And then, when they want to continue to the second number, they will start to count from 9 until they reach the second station and so on until they finish 100.

I make it much more interesting by telling my year 1 pupils to jump when they reach the station. I even do this activity in pair so that the pupils can help each other. I let the my pupils go pair by pair when they other pair already reach the station so that they do not need to wait too long in order to participate in the activity.

The problem that I found was that some kids still struggling to say the number correctly in order but I think it's fine. I know they learn something from this activity and much more than that, they enjoy and love involving. I hope it give some moment of learning to some kids if not to all.

I just love to see some kids are so focus to make sure that they have enough steps to go to the other station from the station that they were at the moment. I really can see some advance kids start to count and estimate how much steps that they need to do to arrive correctly to another station.

Just one thing to remember, that nothing is perfect so just let the kids have fun and enjoy it ;)

p/s: Friday is school holiday! Yay!


  1. Gan T HockAugust 01, 2011

    Fantastic! I really like this activity ... it is very creative and practical ... admire your effort and commitment to make learning fun and effective for your Orang Asli pupils!

  2. thank you :)I just like to make activity that easy to do and easy resources but involve many pupils :)


Superb! ;)