Friday, July 15, 2011

We manage to post it!!!

A few days ago before taking the UPSR trial examination, my year 6 pupils had done a simple project on making cards. I orgainized this activity for the pupils to do it so that they can feel a bit rilex and calm because the examination is just around the corner.

We made cards to send to the UK. When I was in the Uk for 2 weeks last month, I met with 2 cute kids, Olive and Clay. I showed the pictures of these kids to my pupils and decided to help my pupils to make connection with the kids. Yep, theye were very excited to make the card themselves, and then post it to the Olive and Clay.
My pupils were so excited to make the cards. They work together to make sure that the cards are beautiful. I do help them a bit with English, and that just it. The others are made by them. ;) I told my friend in pre-school about the project and she said she wanted to join. So, she also manage her kids in pre school to made another card. So we have three cards to sent to the UK for Olive and Clay!

After that, year 6 pupils take their trial examination. While they were busy and focusing to the examination, I used the time to made a preparation for the card to be send and also planning to bring them out to the post office.

So, on the last day of their examination day, I brought out 4 pupils out to the post office. They were so excited since this was the first time they visit the post office. I am honoured to be the one who bring them there :) I wish I can bring all of them but my car can only fit 4 person more. So, maybe next time I will bring the others.

They were a bit shy to be there and ask questions in the post office but I can see that they were looking everywhere and observing what I am doing in order to send the card. It was good ;) Yay! We manage to send the card and hope Olive and Clay will get it soon...

Before we headed back to school, I bought some foods to my kids (cucur udang) as a treat for them. While we were in the car, suddenly four of them started to talk and asked me questions. Guess they feel a lot more comfortable to ask questions... That's good!

The day after that, we told everybody in class that the card already sent to the post office and maybe a week or two Olive and Clay will receive it. Everybody was so happy!!! ;)

p/s: I'm so nervous about their performance in examination... let's pray for the best!


  1. so sweet.....he he he go apis go!!

  2. susah nak dpt cikgu yg berdedikasi mcm saudara. semoga menjadi guru cemerlang (yg memang cemerlang,bukan setakat dpt gelaran tp lepas tu takde apa)


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