Sunday, July 24, 2011

Place value

It's very difficult for me to update my blog these few days. Not because I'm very busy but mainly because I do not really get the mood to write. I feel a bit tense and stress to write. I don't know. Maybe cause the attention and that I get. Maybe the pressure comes because I keep thinking about the expectations of others and my own ability.

However, I know that this feeling is needed. It makes me think a lot before I write and it also helps me to generate idea to try to do something new everyday. The good things is that my mind keep thinking about positive and negative things around me. My mind works very hard to make decisions. I think even though it is stressful but it is what I need to be who I am right now. I hope that it will always remain in me so that whatever that I do, I will always think first and made a good decision.

Stop talking about that and here is another simple activity that I think I should share it. It's about teaching the year 1 pupils to recognize the place value of a number. As per usual, I will try to use simple materials around me and manipulate it tyo make it interesting. So, we just need some colour paper and a table of place value.

The activity starts by put the kids into group of 3. Then, gave then 10 small colour papers and asked them to write down 10 different numbers. Each group need to do this. After they finish, I collect the papers and change the cards with another group so that they will get different numbers from what they decided to write before.

When they get the set of numbers, they just need to write down the number in the table and also separate the numbers to the correct place value. It was good for pupils to do this because they will be able to think and discuss among them to make sure they know what they were doing.

I asked them to decorate their table and then we paste it on the wall.

p/s: love can be interpret in various form, if I am not going to get one type of love, I need to appreciate all love that surround me at the moment :)

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