Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine!

I can't really sleep tonight. So many things keep coming into my mind. So, I just decided to stay up all nite (sometime I fell asleep but then wake up again). Plus, at 3:30 a.m, my neighbour that always come clean my front house suddenly came do it with her noisy voice talking about something in Tamil! She really really old but that what she do for living. It's fine for me to pay her and let her do the work but maybe today she forgot to see the watch.... It's too early!!!

As the cloudy as the weather now, it is also a cloudy season in my daily life nowadays. Hahaha...not really actually. Just, there are somethings that makes me so tired thinking of it... Hm...so many work to settle and so many attitude to handle. I'm sound like I'm the only one who is following the right way now...haha...maybe the blame is on me. It's fine... Although it's difficult, but I know it will just fade away soon. Just need to stay patient and stay calm and stay positive.

Every cloud has a silver lining :D hehehe... Soon, there will be so many things that I did not expected to happen will happen. I will reveal it soon here...haha... Just want to make it a bit of surprise :P hahaha (not really to some people)

Ok Hafiz! Go prepare yourself! School time soon! hehehe... Just don't think too much :P Happy happy day to all!
p/s: the title is sunshine, but the picture is sunset! hahaha.... don't care!


  1. Gan T HockMarch 09, 2011

    What ever it is ... time will take care of everything! Go .. go ... go ... hafiz!


Superb! ;)