Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let my pupils make use of the stones :D

I should write about this like a few days ago but because I'm too lazy to charge my camera and upload the pictures into my laptop, I decided to wait until I have feelings to talk about it...haha. (Please don't be lazy). So, this entry is about the stones that we collected near the riverside few days ago.

I used the stones with my pupils to learn about addition. It was so great to use the stones that the pupils search it on their own. For me, I need to introduce this activity to them so that the pupils will get the idea to make use of this stones as I left the stones in the class. By doing this activity, maybe they will play it in the class when I'm not around!
Ok, this activity is very simple to do. First, you just ned to prepare numbers cards from 0 to 9 , and then the symbol of addition and equal. Then, divide the pupils into groups which will be better if you mixed them so that the good one can give help to the slow learners.
After that, I will say out the two numbers to addloud and clear to all the group. Then, the pupils will need to arrange the cards according to what I said. After that they will arrange the stones under the cards. Then, to get the answer, the pupils can count the stones. It is so fun to do and you can repeat it many times so that the pupils will have lots of experience about it.
Oh, I forgot to tell, to make it better and to let the pupils see the activity, you can show the them first how to arrange the cards by letting them sit in a circle and you put the cards and the stones in the middle of the circle. Everybody can see it! By the way, because this activity will involve lots of movements and also involve the stones, I suggest that it will be better if you do it in a place that the pupils can sit on the floor. It will be easier to handle the pupils and they can use lots of space. Ifyou do it in a class and on the table, maybe the pupils will let the stones fell down from the table and many more difficult situation can arise.
I encouraged my pupils to do it in their own group and avoid from copy the other group. And of course you need to go and check and explain to them many times about addition. But, I can see the pupils were so happy to use the stones! hahaha
p/s: I was in the mall (again) and looked at T=shirt and saw this sentence on that shirt: Always do what you are afraid to do! Feel true! ;)

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