Tuesday, March 01, 2011

let's find some stones! :P

Oh, we have some adventure travel yesterday! but it is not as difficult as the travel of Frodo in The Lord of the Ring! or the travel of 4 siblings in Narnia! haha... We just went to the riverside near the school to do some activities there, which more about finding some stones to bring back to the classroom!

So, before I bring my year 1 class there, I aksed some help from Pojie to follow me to bring the kids there. I just want to make sure that it will be more safe and easy to control the 21 pupils outside of the classroom. Especially when the place that we headed was near the river. I just dont want to see some of my pupils get excited to see the river and jump in it! That is so dangerous although some of them are good swimmers (better than me actually...haha)

So, early in the morning after the assembly, we start the journey. It take about 10 minutes to walk from the school to the riverside. I let the pupils walk before me so that I can observe them from back. it will be easier for me to see all of them (while preparing my loud voice to shout at any naughty kids...haha)

When we were in the middle of the journey and I was busy taking pictures and observing the kids, suddenly the pupils started to scream. They were saying a familiar word in Temira language which is apong! I tried to think the maning of the word by looking at what they were looking. Oh, it was the monkey. Everybody was so excited but I still need to controlthem. Yeah, let them see but just dont go near to it...hehe
When we arrive at the riverside, after giving some instruction to the pupils and stressed about safety, we started to do the activity. OK, the main activity today was just easy and simple. The pupils need to find five small stones each. Anthen, they use the water colour and paint the stones into 5 different colours. So, as the teacher, you just need to bring water colour, sponge (cause I do not use brush) and a basket.
The pupils were so excited to do the activity. They even happy to search their own 5 stones cause I keep saying about the shapes of the stones need to be observe. It will be bautiful if they can find specila shape of the stones.
As we were near to the river, if we need water to mix with the water colour or to wash our hand, we just use the river. but I felt lucky again that Pojie want to help me. So, he take care the river area so that no pupils will playing near the river. Thank you Pojie!
After everybody finish painting. We waiting for the stones to get dried. I told the pupils to blows some wind using their mouth to make it dry faster. hahaha... it was fun!
Then, we count all the stones that we have. We put it in the basket and will bring it back to the classroom! yay! In the way back, the pupils were so happy walking back to school while singing some songs that they know... ;) It is great!
p/s: just try and then wait and see what happen

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  1. just remember about the stones that we both colored it during our practical..he3