Monday, December 27, 2010

perfect time to adjust my mind :D hehe

I'm in my school now. I had arrived at about 10 a.m straight from my hometown. Alor Setar, Kedah. I started my journey back to school at about 6;30 a.m which is not as what I planned because i felt asleep :P and also need to stop at the R&R few times because my eyes keep shut. thank god I have a safe journey to school.

standing in the school make me realized that I need to start prepare myself, my soul and my energy towards the school world again. Lots of things need to be done and plan. Tomorrow will be a meeting for all the teachers and staff in this school. It is important for us to have this meeting so that new information can be deliver to all of us and also can discuss some important agendas.

I'm not doing much thing here today but I'm so glad to come back here and meet some teachers. Maybe a part of myself still not ready to start the school and face the challenges as the teacher yet but I believed that coming a week early is a good way to build the feeling and adjust the mind again...hehe...sound like its too difficult to do.


On my way back to my rent house, I saw a bus stooped to let the passengers out. Suddenly I saw some familiar face. Oh, it was my pupils, Angah Amri and his parents. I can see lots of bags they brought with them. I think it is his school equipment. will start soon for real. I saw they see me, so I just wave my hand and smile...I think they still have to walk to the hills to go back to their home...
p/s: 2010 is sooooooooooooo soon to leave me...

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