Friday, December 24, 2010

1 more week to go before the new school sessions start!'s quite a few weeks I did not write anything in my blog. I was really busy celebrate the school holidays...hahaha... and today had some time to update a bit. This school holidays is soooooo much fun. So many things I had done yet so many things I had learn too. I'm not really in a mood to tell everything I done in the holidays because it will be too long to write now. :P I'm too lazy to write because it still holidays now :P I have at least 1 week more to go before the 2011 school session start :D

Oh...I started to miss my pupils now..haha...does not mean I forget about thm during the whole holidays before but I just try to use the time to relax from any things that related to school as much as when the school started. I want to make sure that my holidays are fully use. :D hahaha... hm..i wonder what happen to my pupils. Whether they do the work I gave to them before the school holidays start. Asking to myself whether they still remember what school is...haha...who knows they will forget it after a long holidays... (did I forget what is school too? :P)

Yesterday, my sister got her PMR result which is an examination for form 3 in secondary school need to take. Congratulations to her because she had pass the examination. However, she was so sad because the result was not as what she expected. I can see lots of tears and sad face to her. Don't worry dear do not have to feel so sad. What happened is happened. Nothing you can do anymore. Let us celebrate with what you had got and then learn from mistakes. Make sure you will work harder and smarter next time. I will always support you :)

Failure to get what we target is not a bad thing. It can be useful for you to get start to achieved lots of great things in the future. Many great people learn from their failures. Failure will teach us to be strong and patient. It is a good opportunity to you to take it as a starting point to move forward. I also had deal with lots of failure and I learn many things from it.

Be strong dear sister...I know you can! I know you are a great sister.. If you fail to achieve what you target this time, try next time, and you fail next time, try the other time...keep trying and trying and your time will arrive. I believed in you :)

p/s: next week will attend the school meeting. a week before the school start. Lets wish 2011 for the best :D

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