Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a bit worry...

Today, I get to know some ofmy responsibilities that I need to take care for next year in the school. i feel quite worry to know that it were quite a lot and important. I'm just worried if I can do all of them as good as I can or not. But I know that I should accept and try to do it first. Let's accept the challenge and try to do it as good as I can.

Next year, I will teach Mathematics in year 1 and Mathematics for 2 class of year 6. Year 1- of course will be so important because they are in their first year of learning in school. I really love to teach year 1 because I also had a bit of experience before. Year 6 is quiet makes me worry. I really wish that I can help them to be prepare before they face their important examination in primary school - UPSR. This is a big responsibility that I need to take care.

Oh, instead of just the teaching session, I also got some new task to learn. First i will be the class teacher for year 6B. This is my first experience to handle a class. I am sure will need to learn a lot and also will gain lots of knowledge and experience. Then, I also will incharge the computer lab. another new task for me.

It is quite a lot for me but it is normal to get in a small school I think. I just a bit worry that I cannot handle it. But I will try and do it first. I think it's better to try first. If I have a problem later, i will discuss it. I need to stay positive :D haha...OMG, i'm sound too serious

p/s: still have a few days of school holidays, I better enjoy a bit :P

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