Friday, December 31, 2010

Just feel to write something

I'm in my hometown right now. Because of Malaysia's football team had won the AFF Suzuki Cup, our Prime Minister had annouced a public holidays today. So, all the meetings that planned in the school had been cancelled. I do not know weather to feel happy or not. I do happy with the winning of the football team but honestly, about the school to open just around the corner it still makes me worry a lot.

Aalthough I think about the works a lot, I still feel so difficult to do anything yet. OMG! I really need to start something now. I had quite a lot of things in my mind right now but everytime I want to start to do it, something will hinder me from doing it. It's totally my fault! Oh laziness, go away from me mr!

I really need to find a starting pont or else lots of things will be waiting for me and need to do all of them in a hurry. I do not like my work to be messy or unorganized! So Apis u better move as soon as possibe ( see, i'm scared to say do it now cause I don't think I will do it now! Mr. Lazy!) haha

As far as I concern, I know I will do them. It just that I do not really feel ready yet. I will call some friends later to talk about this. It help me a lot :P So, all friends that I always call or chat be ready to get my phone calls :P hahaha... I don't care :P

p/s: If you did not achieved your dream, It's nothing wrong to help someone else to achieve their dreams :) the giver is better than the receiver :D chill!

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