Monday, September 27, 2010

basic knowledge

One important thing that I learn after about a year teaching these Temiar kids are about drilling them and reminds them with a lot of daily basic knowledge. What I mean here are about the knowledge that we always use in our daily life like the days in a week, comparisons words (like tall, short, big, small), and how to write the name correctly.

I already told about the importance of telling all of this all the time to them before, when I told in my entries that I implement it like 10 minutes before start my lesson. I really think that I need to tell them and make them realized about the basic knowledge because at some moment, the basic knowledge is important than the other knowledge that difficult for them to understand. These children were not always been using the knowledge that we should know in their daily life. So, by repeat to them as many times as I can, it will make them aware of it.

I can see some differences to my pupils. When I was teaching Year 3, they did not really know about how many months in a year and the name of the months. But after a lot of repetition, they start to memorize it now and know what february means. Same to year 1 pupils, right now, many of them can tell the day correctly and also can answer my simple questions about days correctly. For example, they know how many days they were schooling in a week, they know which day is the weekends and they know what day they start to school in a week.

If I want to wait for the syllabus to tell them all about this, I believed that it will takes time for the pupils to remember all of this because the topic about time comes at the end of the syllabus. Lucky for me because I realized about this and take action from it. Right now, I just need to emphasize on the spelling of the words.

I hope that the pupils will gain as much basic knowledge that they need to know as they can. Their mind now is just like a sponge that can absorb as much knowledge as the sponge can absorbed water.

p/s: Stay positive towards the end :)

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