Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make them think.... :)

Today, I had teach my year 1 pupils about the months in a year. actually, I already introduce my pupils with all the months that should know. But before, we just say it out and repeat to say it many time. I also had paste the poster about the months on the wall.

Today, I had focused on the way to write down the name of the months correctly in Malay language. As the pupils always getting the access of this knowledge before, so I prepared a simple activity for them to think a bit to complete the task. Actually, I already know that the advance learners will definitely do this activity as fast as they can but my aimed here is to get attention from the the other children.

I write down the name of the months at the white board according to its order. To let my pupils think, i purposely put an empty space on the name of the month. I wanted my pupils to fill it on their own to make it correct.

At the first moment, they quite confuse on what to do. But some of the advance pupils already got it and came in front to let me check their work. I just observed their work and found that they do some mistakes. So, I put down flash cards to help them. I asked them to find out the name of the month and make correction. Then, I also asked the other children to came in front and check their spelling. It was a great thing for me to see their work on their own to finish up the work. it was like completing a puzzle.

I had saw that some pupils showed a very great responses towards the activity. One girl, Farizan, came to see me to check her work like 100 times. She always acted like that. I just so happy to see her. although she not really get what to do but she is really hardworking to try.

The activity had finish and yet still some pupils did not manage to finish it up. But it is fine for me. At least I know they already tried to do it on their own.

p/s: I just got a letter, I need to attend a seminar next week :)

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