Sunday, October 03, 2010

Staying outside: A huge decision

I had decided to move and stay outside from the school after about 9 months staying in the school (in the hostel with the pupils). I had found a house to rent about 20 minutes from the school by car.

It is quite a huge decision for me to make because living in the outside will make my access to my pupils will be limited. Yeah, I can meet and them in the morning in the school session but not as much as when I stay in the school. I have the ability to meet them in the night too. But, it is not really a problem because I still can come in the night if I want.

I make this decision because of some reasons. First because of the difficulties to contact my family that live quite far from me. The only way is by using phone and the connection is not clear when I stay in the school. Sometimes, I did not even know that my parents had called me or text-ed me. The situation became worst when weekends came where no people in the school anymore. Pupils of course will go back to their village, and the other teachers stay outside of the school. So, I will be the only one who left to stay all alone there.

Then, I also need to learn to be independence now. I think it is a right time for me to learn living on my own in a house, alone. haha...its quite funny but it important to learn and experience. I feel too comfortable staying in here. So, I better make some changes so that I will experience and discover new things in my life.

Just as same as a story of a frog that we always heard. When we put a frog into a hot boiled water, the frog will jump as quickly as it can to save itself. But when we put the frog inside the cold water and boil it without it's conscious, the frog will not even notice and then died in the hot water. Yeah, a good story to remember in living our life.

p/s: I had start planning for activities to do in the holidays to come in a few weeks.

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