Wednesday, September 22, 2010

small thing, but great feeling...

As this week is all about giving a test to the pupils, i continued to test my year 1 pupils with mathematics questions. I focused to test their ability to remember what they had learn about addition of money.
As usual, two of my pupils who is Yusri and Armin can do it very well. The other pupils will always have difficulties to do it. as I was walking to each of the pupils to observe the pupils suddenly my eyes had catch one little girl, Syazwani (or i just called her Wani). She was busy doing the short line (that what I called when I teach them) to count the addition of money.

Wani is not always good at understanding Mathematics before. but to see her can do it by herself today was really amazed me. Yeah, I really shocked to see her suddenly doing it better than some other pupils that show a better understanding before. Sometimes we really cannot expect anything from the pupils. They sometimes can be very good and sometimes can be the opposite. Its normal I think...we are just human being :)

What most amazing thing for me to see her is that she try to add the coins like 20 cent and 50 cents by drawing 20 sticks and 50 sticks and then add them altogether. I do tell the class before to do that but I was not really sure that she can really get that. So, to see what she was doing today make me smile for the rest of the class. Although she takes time to add the number, but that still help her to find the correct answer.

Wani had made my day today. Although some of her counting was not really correct, but what she had done was so great to see. Good Wani! Keep it up!

p/s: Good luck to all year 6 pupils all over Malaysia... Good luck in UPSR :)


  1. teruskan apis...
    hope one day aku blh jd mcm hg

  2. terima kasih Zaid... :) biasa2 ja Zaid oi... hang lagi dedikasi dari aku :)


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