Monday, September 20, 2010


You should not feel sad Hafiz!

I entered the year 1 class today. Not doing so much teaching because I just give a test to them. After the two weeks of holidays, I think I need to check their memory. the result was quite sad. Lots of them start to forget what they learn again. Just as same as happened during the mid year holidays before.

When I was observing some of my pupils doing the test, they seems like do not know anything about addition and subtraction. Although the questions that I given to them were the questions that they already do it several times before. Luckily, there were still 3 pupils that still can remember and do it properly without so much help from me. I just have about 2 months more with these pupils. I do not really know yet how to help the rest. But I believe that when there is a will, there will always the way for me to help them.

I really need to recharge myself too. I just do not want to let the sad feeling take over myself and makes me feel lazy to try. I know that although I cannot help all of them much, but the most important thing for me to make sure is that to always try. It is worth to try than just complaining about it.

For the pupils in year 1 and all the other year too, I hope you guys will learn a lot in this 2 months school time to come. Let make the time that we have for this year valuable and have its significant in our learning experiences!

p/s: It's a week to celebrate Raya with the teachers and staff in the school... :)

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