Sunday, January 20, 2013

the first snowman

Cannot do it or Do not want to do it? A matter of choice

It was snowing heavily yesterday. More than I have experienced before. Even our journey back to Newcastle from Cardiff needs to be postponed. The roads are covered in white!

Waking up in the morning and discovering your surroundings covered with white was quite amazing. The roofs were white, the roads were white, the gardens were whites, even the cars were white too! Wow, such a nice experience...snow!!! :D

I can see that it was not just me getting was the same for other people. Suddenly I could see lots of people doing the 'snow walk' around the nighbourhood with their boots and thick coats, children were playing with their sledges and more than that, dogs were everywhere chasing each other. Nice! :D

So, I took the opportunity to celebrate the snow too...walking around the neighbourhood, looking around the place and more than that stepping on the virgin snow on the floor! ahaha...most importantly, I made a big cute beautiful snowman! My first! ahahaha... (I guess there will be more to come)

I am not gonna be in Cardiff for very much longer. Time to go back to Newcastle. The new semester will start very soon. I am very nervous. I think it will be much more challenging... wish me luck :D

p/s: it so cold that it hurts! It's a new feeling...