Monday, January 14, 2013

advice from an old lady

When there is a lot of stress and problems, what will you do? Going through or giving up?

I met with an old lady in a coffee shop. She sat next to my table and started to talk to me. She was a very friendly, warm and easy going person while busy treating herself to a cup of tea and a bowl of soup.

She told me about how nice Cardiff was, especially the village community where she lives now. But I was really interested to listen to one story about how good her memory is. She is 85 years old this year. All of her friends started to forget a lot of things but not her.

It is the power of reading! Yeah, that is what she told me. She reads lots of books and still continues to do so. She said to me that she visits the library all the time and join a reading group there. The most important place in her life since she was a small girl! So good her!

I wish I love to read as much as her as she said to me "Reading books takes you to all part sof the world".

By the way, I already selected 5 persons to receive postcards. I  already posted them! I hope you will like the postcards :) Thank you for your emails and support ;) Visit their blog here:

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p/s: obsess with jigsaw now!


  1. The power of reading..... kalau baca blog , reading jugak kn.. heeeeee

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    1. no problem...tell me when u got it k! :)

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    1. no problem...tell me when u got it k! :)

    2. I got it ;) thanks.

      p/s: tulisan di poskad sgt cantik.


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