Saturday, January 26, 2013

2nd semester

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Semester 2 will begin soon. However, we have already been given a huge 'pink book' to read. There will be a colloquium at the end of February. Some of the marks for the Economics for Development module will be counted from it. So, whether I like it or not...I have to read it! aha...

The preparation to go to Ghana is still in progress. At least I have my Ghanaian visa now. One thing is clear for sure. Now, I need to wait for all my group members to gather and book the flight tickets.

I met with my research supervisor a few days ago, Chris. He is a great person. I just love to listen to what ever he says...aha...When he asked me about my research interest, suddenly I found it very difficult to say it out. I cannot believe that I hardly said a word! Even just to state 'reflection' was very difficult. ahaha...but it happens to me all the time I think. Second language sometimes 'pauses' my tongue and brain!

The interest area of my research is about Ghanaian teachers as reflective practitioners. As a primary school teacher in Malaysia, which is a developing country, it will be good to see the refective practitioners in another developing country. That is what triggers my interest at the moment. I hope to stick with this topic as I really find it is always 'big' for, let's see what happens...

p/s: pretending to be teenagers again...ahhh...what a feeling!

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