Saturday, February 02, 2013

process of negotitation

The more you give the more you get back? Should we expect something or not?

The trip to Ghana is confirmed! I have booked the ticket already. Only a month to go before the expedition. It is very exciting; at the same time I am very nervous to think about it.

A few days ago, I met my supervisor for a one to one meeeting with him. It was a discussion about the research topic - to what extent teachers in Omega schools in Ghana reflect on their teaching. I guess it was a process of negotiation between me and him. A process of describing my interest with passion, thinking deeeply, preparing and providing good explanations for the reason to choose the topic and methods. Then I needed to argue in the discussion.
It can be a bit complicated sometimes when your idea is being argued over by your supervisor or when some more ideas are suggested. I wanted to look at reflection from teachers' perspectives but then my supervisor said that I maybe should also see it from the school management perspective. Especially given that the schools that I will visit are not normal schools. They are low fee private schools that serve the poor people in slum areas. I maybe should consider it....

But on the other hand I also got more opinions and wider views that I may have missed. Like I said before, the process is full of negotiation. I still want to stick with reflection. That is what I am sure about. It is my passion and what I am interested in. Let's see the reflective practitioners in Ghana!

p/s: a very busy month for preparation...

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