Thursday, February 14, 2013

woohooo for 20pounds!!! :D

Everybody will think that their problem is the biggest problem in the world until they see and understand other people's problems. Isn't it?

This story might not sound important...but why should I not write about it right? ahaha... So, yesterday, I gave some help at the Postgraduate Open Day, Newcastle University. As per usual, the same reason I keep using which is I am a second language speaker, I found it difficult to speak when I am nervous!

The job was quite simple. I just needed to give some explanations about the Masters in Education, by relating it to my own experiences, to people that have an interest to further their study this year. I was very nervous and scared. The person whom I encountered was a very cute girl asking me about the experience of studying International Development. I was so nervous and she is a British girl and that just added more pressure. But still, lucky for me she was cool and happy to listen to my explanation...ahaha... I think she was quite happy and that made me feel more confident! Ahaha...then I think it went well....

I really enjoyed doing it. I think I learnt a lot. Learnt about me and my explanation ability; learnt about other people too and how excited people are to know about furthering their study! I can feel a good atmosphere! An atmosphere of having the spirit to keep learning and to keep moving forward! Learn and learn! Yeahhh!!!!!

p/s: explore yourself! ooopsss

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  1. i love it when you mentioned about helps me to ponder a while that I am still and always will be in the learning process..thank you Apis! btw, I bought your book..o can't really remember when and you inspired me with all the experiences along your teaching journey..keep writing and keep inspiring people.. Jiayou jiayou!


Superb! ;)