Saturday, February 23, 2013

miss home?

to be a giver or to be a receiver? which one makes you happier?

Having been in the UK for some time, now at last I feel the 'miss my home' thing! Yeah, definitely yes. When I spent three years teaching in Perak before, at least I knew that at the weekend I could drive back home everytime I felt lonely and missed my family terribly. Or sometimes when you have some bad things or happy things happening to you, just by stepping back to your own place (your hometown) or by looking at your mom's face etc. definitely will make your day!

But now that I am 11314.94km away (source=google) what can I do? Talking by phone or video call sometimes is just not enough. You just want more than that! aha...

I think at the moment I am a bit negative about myself. Learning and discovering new knowledge mostly about the subject of economics, particularly in developing countries, make me nervous and scared that I might not be good at it. At the same time trying hard to make sure my writing style changes to a more academic style is another thing to worry about. I am very good at writing a blog (I guess so) but I am not sure if I am that good at writing academic essays.

One week more before I do some more travelling. Ghana. I mentioned this country a lot in my previous entries. Half of my body is eager to go, but the other half is a bit scared. Especially as for three weeks, every Wednesday, I need to have injections for vaccination. Why should I not be scared right? uhu...

p/s: going to teach some children in Ghana :D woohoo...


  1. wahh,interesting teaching children in Ghana. thanks you so much.postcard already received.

  2. Salam. Good luck. Pray that Allah makes things easy for you in Ghana. A very good experience indeed. Don't forget to share pliz.


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