Sunday, September 19, 2010

Excited to know about them...

It was already 9:00 p.m when I arrived at Sungai Siput. I had to drive from there to the school through the quite and dark road. It made me feel a little bit nervous because I was alone in the car. Some people in the school always gave me advice to avoid to go in or out from the school in the night. But, I still need to do it or else I will not have place to stay tonight. I am really thankful because I had arrived safely. haha...

I am quite excited for tomorrow. I am excited to see my pupils after two weeks holidays. Excited to know what happened to them during Hari Raya. I am excited to know whether they still remember anything that they learn in school especially to Year 1 pupils. Excited to see their face while listening to my talks...haha... and also excited to pinch some nose. haha

During the holidays, I had met with some of my secondary school mates. Some of them just finish their study too but not in education fields like me. I am so proud with them. I met with a Doctor (medic), a Pharmacyst, and a lawyer to be. I shared lots of experiences with them that I think I should tell my pupils (more suitable for level 2 pupils). I believed that it can motivate them to learn well. I still remember the memories in the secondary school with my friends. We had gone through in many challenges in life. Lots of courage, strengths, patient and sacrifice to do to be success like them. i want my pupils to be inspire by the story of my friends that I met few days before.

My friends and I also went to visit our school teachers. It was so great to meet some of our teachers that teach us in the school before. We want to show our appreciation to them. They really had sacrificed a lot to make sure that their students get the best learning experiences as they can. Although sometimes I feel so small when being together with them (they study in medic and law), but I believed that what I done now is the best field for me. I believed that everything that had happened before had its own meaning. I just know that I love teaching! Thank you to my mother and father.

p/s: Thank you Allah!

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